Green Flames Technology offers a number of services to help your company to enhance the efficiency of your combustion processes and reduce the emissions of pollutants.

Scientific Consultancy

Thanks to our extensive experience in the combustion field we can advise you with well proofed solutions concerning your issues.

Our main areas of expertise for consultancy are:

  • combustion systems of fossil fuels and biomasses,
  • burner and diagnostic system design and optimization,
  • heat transfer solutions,
  • solid fuel characterization.

If we cannot solve your problem directly with internal expertise we can still help you by putting you in touch with some of the main world scientist dealing with your topic of interest.

Technical services

We are acknowledged in the scientific community as some of the main experts in in-flame measurements. Nevertheless, the technical services that we provide are not limited to measurements but we offer a wide support for experimental rig management of pilot and semi-industrial scale.

We offer the following technical services:

  • experimental rig management and optimization
  • stack emissions and in-flame measurements
  • measurement probes calibration, maintenance and sale.

For more details about are technical services click here.